Describing the way of form construction enable to make the huge number of form with the automatic generating process. An accelerated process act as a machine that connected with the manufacturing line. And shorten the designing process of thing. The designer allows selecting intuitively from the group of form under mathematic conditions. Connection with manufacturing process and design could small quantity multifarious production. Connection can make difference in a detail and volume of things. Under the same conditions, the goods are constructed as the group within a resemblance. Thereby a group could have the same meaning in a whole brand line. The algorithmic process brings water surface. Smooth surface translated from the grid of point build a ripple pattern at random. The metal embossing process with 3D printed resin mold is new processing technique. This process can make complicated and smooth surface with various finish before the embossing. On this project, water algorithm and metal embossing process completely matched on the 3D printing phase. 2016- Esai Shibagaki TokyoZokei University Graduate school Major in Design M.A. Degree Course ZOKEI AWARD (=Excellent work prize)