Stripe Box

Stripe box made with the 3D print. Its Stripes make the wall good at haptics and keep the thickness. With its stripe surface makes an interesting texture. Behind the texture has a bit an idea. Then, let's see the secret. Two types of 55MM and 150MM of heights. Stripes make its haptics on the surface. First, I thought about the depositional pattern from a combination of depositional texture and designed stripe. The Fused Deposition Modeling that is the process of 3D print, has a texture made with the deposition material. This texture is pretty good at the uniqueness of this process. But, people have thought it is the quality matter on the industrial-grade. Generallyspeaks the deposition pattern is not good to get the smooth surface. It has been disturbing designers or fabrication hobbyist. This is a really interesting insight, I think. People who think about fabrication think the best-matched process to make the good thing. But when the rapid prototyping or FDM printing, often ignore its machine specification to make prototyping purpose. Then, This expression method of the haptic texture used the specification below. Combination of horizontal and vertical patterning. - Deposition texture of the FDM process(*due to the value of layer height) - Designed stripe wall (0.5 to 1.0 radius or over 1.0MM *due to scale) It is a simple combination. This time I applied this method to the Box. If you have interest in this plan, let's make this together and take into the market.